Fall 2022 Exercise

"The best way to deal with emergencies is to train and practice beforehand, so that response becomes automatic."


Sunday September 11

The Solano Stroll is Sunday September 11, and BeCERTAINN will have a booth. In addition, we will be conducting an informal radio exercise. Instructions may be found here.

The Stroll is an opportunity for BeCERTAINN to tell the public about what we do. The purpose of getting a booth this year includes:

· Describing what we do to the general public

· Running a radio exercise https://drive.google.com/file/d/10uYQx3XYV8yqm2aILGXzyrkplzkLU4f-/view?usp=sharing

· Educating community members about our operations in the event they would like to participate (recruitment)

If you would like to volunteer for our booth, please sign up here.

There may be additional opportunities to support disaster preparedness and response, so we will be conducting a series of meetings further develop this effort. The success of this effort will depend on the participation of the membership, so here are some opportunities for you to help:

  1. Join the steering committee for this event: Steering Committee participants will shape the planning an implementation and be available the day of the event to spend time at the booth. The Steering Committee is the “heavy lift” ask but it will be educational and informative.

  2. Volunteer at the Booth: We will come up with a plan, and you can help make it happen.

  3. Make a Donation: The projected cost will be between $250-500 depending on whether we need to purchase a liability insurance policy. If “heavy lifting” or booth work is not your thing, then your financial support is appreciated. You can make a PayPal contribution to becertainn@gmail.com

  4. Participate in the Exercise(s): Save the date and take part in what will be the primary 2022 BeCERTINN exercise.