Berkeley CERT and Inter Neighborhood Network

"Dedicated to connecting Berkeley CERT Teams and neighborhoods to improve our collective disaster response capacity and effectiveness"

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BeCERTAINN is a Berkeley-wide radio network designed to enable CERT Teams, neighborhoods and individuals to communicate effectively during an emergency. BeCERTAINN uses General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) – a licensed radio service. The most common use of GMRS channels is for short-distance, two-way communications using hand-held radios (walkie-talkies).

Why? After a large-scale disaster, it is likely individuals and neighborhoods will need to rely on their own resources for an extended period of time. That has lead to a growing interest in emergency communications between CERT response teams – neighborhood to neighborhood networking. BeCERTAINN enables this networking via radio to support community collaboration. 

How is BeCERTAINN unique?  We maintain a radio repeater, which receives signals and re-transmits them at a higher power, over longer distances. In our case, the Neighborhood CERT Repeater is capable of receiving and re-transmitting a signal from and to most locations in the City of Berkeley. 

The best way to participate is to:

Where can I get a GMRS capable radio? Most off-the-shelf GMRS walkie-talkies cannot access repeaters – a special repeater function is required. BeCERTAINN has acquired several repeater-capable GMRS radios for groups to borrow and test. 

For more info on radios, repeaters, licensing and operating, see the Radios page

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